The Current Ballot Initiative*

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View the presentation we made at the April 2014 Claw Caucus that outlines the goals of the ballot initiative:

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March 20 2014 – Proposed amendment to Colorado Revised Statutes (The Saving Colorado Shelter Pets Initiative)

Title Board sets Title for Initiative 68:  Results for Proposed Initiative

April 9 2014 – Holly Tarry files motion for rehearing, disputing title

 April 23rd 2014  – Holly Tarry files Petition with Supreme Court objecting to title and submission clause

May 12 2014 – Respondents’ Opening brief (Brown and Piccone from SCSP)

May13th 2014 – Petitioner Holly Tarry’s Opening Brief

May 13th 2014 – Title Board’s Opening Brief

June 2nd 2014 – Petitioner Holly Terry’s Answer Brief 

June 12th 2014 – Sup Ct Order Affirming Title Board Decision and dismissing Holly Terry’s challenge:

*Due to Holly Tarry’s legal challenges, the proponents held off on submitting the initiative to the Secretary of State for approval to gather signatures for the 2014 election cycle.  The initiative will be re-filed in 2015 for the 2015 ballot.  We anticipate the proposed language will not change significantly in the interim.