Saving Colorado Shelter Pets, Inc.

***THis ballot is not currently an active initiative.  The site is still left up for people to see we tried, but were severely opposed by Colorado Animal ORganizations that have an irrational fear of No Kill.  We may bring it up again, so we keep this up.


A Colorado where rescues and shelters have the resources to find homes for every homeless pet.


 To change the laws of the State of Colorado through the legislative and citizen ballot initiative process to create funding for animal welfare organizations and local shelters to address the homeless pet population through adoption, pet retention and population control rather than destruction of homeless pets.

What issue is Saving Colorado Shelter Pets trying to solve?

 Over 17,000 homeless pets were destroyed in Colorado in 2013 even though more than 11,000 were transferred into the state from other states for adoption. We believe pets in shelters should be given a chance at adoption and only be euthanized for medical or safety reasons, not as a solution for population control.


Many shelters and communities across the United States and in Colorado have found ways to save every treatable/healthy pet that enter the shelter system.

Some of these communities did it on their own, others passed laws to mandate shelters do what the public expects them to do: shelter pets and give them an opportunity for a loving home. Saving Colorado Shelter Pets, Inc. has drafted a comprehensive citizen ballot initiative that will raise funds to help shelters and rescues adopt pets or address the issue of homeless pets before the pets enter the shelter system either through spay-neuter programs, training and rehabilitation or other proven methods of keeping pets in homes. Colorado Saving Shelter Pets, Inc. is a social welfare organization incorporated as a Colorado non-profit corporation.